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Letters & Forms

If you are requesting a letter to be written on your behalf or forms to be completed, please keep in mind that your request will take 3+ business days to complete. Our medical provider must approve and sign all letters before they can be picked up/mailed/faxed. The minimum turn around time for letters is one week, so please request them 1-2 weeks in advance.  Fees for providing written documentation, filling out forms, letters, etc. start at $25 and increase due to the complexity of the communication.  


Forms start at $25 and increase

due to the complexity of the communication. 

Copies .25 per page  

No show $100 


Disability Claims

If you are requesting assistance in completion of a disability claim, please make note of the following: 


****Short Term Disability and FMLA Paperwork ONLY! We do not process paperwork or evaluate for Social Security Disability!**** 

1. MWW Team does not "give" disability. We can only report symptoms and response to treatment to the company that handles your disability insurance. 

2. We do not backdate disability. 

3. If regularly scheduled appointments are not kept, we will notify your disability carrier. 


4. Our providers first priorities each day are to see scheduled patients; therefore, they will complete letters and forms as time permits. Disability paperwork requests take 7 to 10 business days to complete. 

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